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How is the European Commission promoting our European way of life

Learn here about the related policy areas and their status.

A Europe that protects must also stand up for justice and for the EU’s core values.

The Commission will launch a comprehensive European Rule of Law Mechanism under which it is to report every year, objectively, on the condition of the rule of law across the Union. Strong borders, modernisation of the EU’s asylum system and cooperation with partner countries are important to achieve a fresh start on migration.

What are the policy areas related to this EU Commission priority and what has been decided?

The European Commission adopted on 13 November 2020 the New Consumer Agenda, an updated overall strategic framework of the EU consumer policy.

The European Commission launched on 16 September 2021 the European Health Emergency preparedness and Response Authority (HERA). See details here

Learn about the 4 pillars of the EU Security Union Strategy here

Objective is building a European Union area of justice, which will make it easier for citizens to exercise their rights and allow businesses to make full use of the EU single market. This policy area contains 14 policies.

A New Pact on Migration and Asylum documents was adopted on 23 September 2020. See details

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