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Digital Age - The European Data Strategy

Aktualisiert: 9. Nov. 2022

In a previous blog contribution I looked into the 14 actions related to the EU Commission priority “A Europe fit for the digital age”. Now I will look into each of the actions in more detail.

The European data strategy aims to make the EU a leader in a data-driven society. Creating a single market for data will allow it to flow freely within the EU and across sectors for the benefit of businesses, researchers and public administrations.

The European Data Governance Act was proposed on 25 November 2020. It will increase trust in data sharing, strengthen mechanisms to increase data availability and overcome technical obstacles to the reuse of data.

In addition, the European Data Act was proposed in February 2022. The Data Act is part of the overall European strategy for data, and complements the Data Governance Act of November 2020 by clarifying who can create value from data and under which conditions. It will also introduce rules concerning the use of data generated by devices connected to the Internet of Things. The new rules are expected to create €270 billion of additional GDP for EU Member States by 2028 by addressing the legal, economic and technical issues that lead to data being underused.

An interesting fact sheet related to the Data Act and explaining numbers can be found here.

Examples of industrial and commercial data use

  • Jet engines filled with thousands of sensors collect and transmit data back to ensure efficient operation.

  • Wind farms use industrial data to reduce visual impact and optimise wind power.

  • Real-time traffic avoidance navigation can save up to 730 million hours. This represents up to €20 billion in labour costs.

  • Real-time notification of delayed trains can save 27 million working hours. This amounts to €740 million in labour costs.

  • Better allocation of resources to fight malaria could save up to €5 billion in healthcare costs globally.

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