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Meet Axel


Hi, I’m Axel, and I help international industry associations and consortiums communicate better.

I believe that associations and industry consortiums play an essential role in international markets. For instance, in Europe, associations are the key to drafting fair, impactful, and future-oriented regulations. Thanks to their experience and industry-based insight, these organisations bring a unique vision to the table.


Consortiums have the advantage of being more agile than your typical standardization body, meaning they are well-positioned to effectively drive the change we need to achieve a more sustainable future.

Although I admire their technical expertise, willingness to find compliant compromises, and market guidance, I’ve come to realize that associations and industry consortiums often lack the marketing communications capacity and skills they need to advance their goals. They often do not need an FTE but could benefit from an outside perspective and someone offering a flexible capacity.


This is where I come in.


International marketing has been my passion from my student days in Germany, England and the US into my professional career, which has seen me working and living in Japan and Turkey. I have spent over 12 years working with associations and consortiums in various capacities, including as a company representative in an association and as a member of an association as well as a consortium team.

Pulling from this experience, I am uniquely qualified to support all your association and consortium marketing needs.


Contact me to learn how I can help!

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