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“Our cooperation with Axel has started initially with the preparation of an annual report.
Axel filled a broad role in this project, from drafting objectives and content structure of the annual report, to planning milestones and operational implementation. He acted like a team member, thinking with us, acquainted himself with our topics and prepared content as base for discussion. His feedback also sharpened our messages.
Axel suggested concrete proceedings and with his diplomatic but persistent follow-up ensured a successful realization.
Together with an agency as service partner, Axel produced a compact and graphically attractive annual report, that has created a very positive response from our members.
I look forward to implementing further communication projects with Axel”


Ulrich Adam, Secretary General

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“Axel joined the FP7 SSL-erate project team in the final year as leader of the communication & dissemination work package.
He quickly established a network among the 24 project participants.
Due to Axel’s talent in planning communication projects, involving relevant participants and really driving activities, I soon noticed the impact on the dissemination and outreach actions and material of the project, which became both more numerous and effective.
By thorough planning, collecting all needed information from the project partners and persistently following up lead contacts, he managed to get the project presented in webinars and newsletters of the target groups of the project.
Axel is a true marketing professional and is great in maneuvering a team of loosely connected people.”

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Pieter Jan Bolt, FP7 SSL-erate coordinator, manager EU collaborations at TNO Solliance


“Axel Baschnagel is responsible for the marketing communication activities at LightingEurope. The spread of his support ranges from preparing strategic decisions, like the selection of an advertising agency, to hands-on implementation, such as tweeting or writing a press release. He makes decisions easy, the topic is well prepared and transparent, the criteria for evaluation are thoughtful and the debate constructive. Axel has a talent to involve and motivate working group members via personal meetings and telcos and achieves set targets smoothly. I really enjoy working with Axel, as he is very reliable, enthusiastic, forward-looking and positive”

Ourania Georgoutsakou.jpg

Ourania Georgoutsakou, Secretary General

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“Axel’s role is defined as Chair of the Promotion Work Group. I find Axel to be dependable, reliable, and conscientious, as well as driven and passionate. Among other things, Axel has been the key driving force in managing the branding and positioning of our consortium. Another highlight in his work and for Zhaga was the online Zhaga Summit in September 2021. Axel’s mild-mannered and goodnatured approach is greatly appreciated by our members and strategic partners alike.”

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Dee Denteneer, Secretary General

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“Mr. Axel Baschnagel has supported ETRMA in the preparation and publication of the Annual Report. He gave structure to this project from a time and procedural management perspective. Axel prepared with us a detailed briefing, we appreciated his new ideas for the format of the report. As additional service provider, Mr. Baschnagel introduced the agency Inextremis, which proved to be a very good choice. He guided the project all the way to the approval for print. We are very pleased with the result. It was correct to give my trust to Mr. Baschnagel for this challenging approach.”


Fazilet Cinaralp, Secretary General

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” We have worked with Axel Baschnagel to prioritize potential application segments for our products in the lighting market. In an adhoc research Mr.Baschnagel was able to collect authentic feedback from numerous companies within a few days. The result from this research has stimulated and enrichted our internal discussions.”

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Thomas Betz, Division Manager


“We invited Axel to moderate the workshop “LED performance marks” during Strategies in Light, Europe in Munich. Axel prudently prepared the session by contacting the speakers in advance and alligning the presentations for size and content depth. During the workshop he guided speakers and audience smoothly through the Q&A part with his polite and calm manners. I was really happy with the quality of the session.”


Robert V. Steele, Ph.D.

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