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  • Verify client’s key objectives

  • Listen to working groups/
    task forces and learn about their projects

  • Describe target groups

  • List of key dates throughout the year

  • Draft communication concept

  • Propose communication activities and estimate costs

  • Build budget with options

Marketing Communication Plan

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  • Review structure vs. focus topics

  • Maintain and update with enriched and engaging content

  • Involve web designer for restructuring and enhancements


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  • Focus on Twitter and LinkedIn

  • Draft and publish content, suggest visuals (including videos and animations)

  • Creative and stimulating input for messages and articles

Social Media

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  • Research, draft and align with experts and management

Press Releases/ In-depth Articles and Editorials 

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  • Compile, write and distribute monthly or quarterly

  • Update design with agency


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  • Involve experts from task force and agree on project briefing

  • Research, draft, design and distribute

  • Moderate calls and process with task force and agency


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  • Draft and align on briefing

  • Research, compile and write content

  • Manage production process with agency

Annual/ Activity Reports

AdobeStock_209483597- strategic roadmap.
  • Draft and agree on briefing

  • Moderate and edit management contributions

  • Manage process with agency

Strategic Roadmaps/ Manifestos/ Visions of Action 

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  • Align a project-based briefing

  • Involve agency

  • Drive communication activities

Campaign Development

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  • Prepare and implement concept with service partners

  • Search for appropriate events and related opportunities




  • Member survey

  • Repositioning of brand/new slogan

  • Stakeholder concept

  • Moderation of strategy workshop 


  • Debriefing

  • Project structuring

  • Service partner search

  • Expert involvement

  • Interim and final reporting

Project Management + Moderation

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