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The Annual Report for Industry Associations - a dying species?

Aktualisiert: 12. Mai 2022

How important are Annual Reports or Activity Reports for industry associations in Brussels? Out of the 50 associations I checked in the EU Transparency Register, 36 do not publish an Annual Report. That is more than 70%!

Is that one of those topis that is always pushed aside for the right moment to come?

Annual Reports are great to introduce your organisation to EU Commission policy officers, to new partners and stakeholders in your advocacy work AND to impress your members.

And remember you have your company member representatives in working groups but they want to show something about their work to their colleagues!

Just don’t aim too high or in other words, for too many pages! 8 or 12 pages is great. Preparing an Annual Report or Activity Report is no mystery - you just need a project manager and a creative agency to support you.

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