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Good time for starting with the 2023 MarCom budget

I continue my Association Marketing blog with some thoughts around the 2023 MarCom budget. Now is a good time to get started. Already now? Well, you will align internally on key topics and objectives, and it could take some time to compile cost figures for planned communications activities. In the end, your Board might want to discuss budget alternatives in November.

What is the process? In a nutshell....

  • Verify key objectives

  • Listen to working groups/task forces and learn about their projects

  • Describe target groups

  • List key dates such as events throughout the year

  • Draft the communications concept

  • Discuss communication activities and collect their cost

  • Build the budget with options

The first step is certainly to define the 2023 marketing plan. It states your target audiences and contains your marketing objectives as far as foreseeable today. What is it that you want to achieve next year? Listen to your team and to your working groups.

Then draft the communications concept. What kind of tools do you need to accomplish them your marketing objectives? Do you want to push a certain topic in the Brussels arena, maybe with a communications campaign or an in-depth article? Do you need a new website? Do you want to be seen at events? Are you delivering value for your members? Is your communications to members appreciated?

Next step is to define KPIs, so that you can track your progress and ensure transparency.

And then you will build a MarCom budget with an excel file containing all activities you have discussed with their related cost. It is probably a mix of standard budget lines like annual URL cost or website maintenance cost and project individual cost, like for the annual report or for ghost-writing articles and their translations.

Get inspirations on possible communications activities and visit

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