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Association Websites – the „Events“ section is a maintenance issue!

Website maintenance means for example adding relevant „News“ items. But it also means regular cleaning.

One area that seems to be overlooked often is the „Events“ section. Imagine, 35% of the association websites I have reviewed contain garbage in this section. They show only events that happened years ago or even no events.

Think about your website visitors, who do a user journey on your website and happen to land on such a page. What is the impression that these visitors will get? Oh, this part of the website is not maintained, are there more pages that are not maintained? The website maintenance is sloppy, hm, I wonder how their work attitude is. Ok, I agree, this might be a strong statement but it could be a negative facet in the image for your association.

So, make cleaning your website a regular task in your communications activities and do not forget the "Events" page.

And, by the way, if you have given up on events or do not see any coming up for a longer time, just unpublish this section of the website. Then you have no embarrassing empty page.

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