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Are newsletters relevant for associations in 2022?

Only 20% of the Brussels associations that I reviewed offer the opportunity to subscribe to an external newsletter. And some of these associations really hide the place where to subscribe.

Are newsletters still relevant in midst of the social media noise? Well, I looked around for opinions. Interesting is A study is mentioned with 5,000 top companies in German-speaking countries from nine industries. And yes, there it is strongly confirmed that e-mail marketing is still a successful part of the marketing mix.

Another source of inspiration is Brand24 and creating a project “newsletter”. If I select a very strict filter and choose “influencer score 10/10”, I still get 36k worldwide mentions for “newsletter”. All these top influencers do something with newsletters.

I wonder why so few associations use this tool. Do you think you are not reaching your target group? You do not know who subscribes but the newsletter will provide information about the important activities that you are doing. There are never enough people out there who should understand your role and importance in the „Brussels Bubble“. Just allow them to subscribe to your news channel!

Are you worried that you do not have enough content or that it is such an effort? You do not have to publish a newsletter monthly. How about quarterly? Screen the press releases and position papers that you publish and the content from your internal newsletters. Think about some work-in-progress and let your audience know what topics you are working on. Talk about events you participated in. I bet you find easily some interesting content to share.

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