• Verifying key objectives of client

  • Listening to working groups/ task forces and their projects

  • Describing target groups

  • Listing of key dates throughout the year

  • Drafting communication concept

  • Proposing communication activities and estimating cost

  • Building budget with scenarios

Marketing Communication Plan

  • Reviewing structure vs. focus topics

  • Maintaining actuality and enriching the content

  • Involving web designer for restructure


  • Concentrating on Twitter and LinkedIn

  • Drafting and placing content, suggesting visuals

  • Stimulating input for messages and articles

Social Media

  • Drafting and aligning with experts and management

Press Release/ In-depth articles/ Editorials 

  • Compiling, writing drafts and distributing monthly or quarterly

  • Updating design with agency


  • Involving experts from task force

  • Drafting and agreeing the project briefing

  • Moderating telcos and process with task force and agency


  • Drafting and aligning on briefing

  • Compiling and writing content

  • Moderating process with agency

Annual/ Activity Report

  • Drafting and agreeing on briefing

  • Steering of management contributions

  • Moderating process with agency

Strategic Roadmap/ Manifesto/ Vision of Action 

  • Aligning a project-based briefing

  • Involving agency

  • Driving communication activities

Campaign development

  • Preparing and implementing concept with service partners

  • Searching for appropriate occasions

Event/ Fair participation


  • Member survey

  • Repositioning of brand/new slogan

  • Stakeholder concept

  • Moderation of strategy workshop 


  • Debriefing

  • Project structuring

  • Service partner search

  • Expert involvement

  • Interim and final reporting

Project Management + Moderation